Dear public, we are trying to set up factory, this page is info only, once factory and payment system are in operation then we will delete this add, and we will start accepting orders, for now thank your for your support, if you are #SHIBARMY, congrats! #freemarket #SHIB

#SHIB facts

Lumber facts

a close up of a piece of wood on a pallet
a close up of a piece of wood on a pallet

As the price of #SHIB goes up, the purchasing power increases so you need less $SHIB to buy more #HybridStuds, remember fiat always loses value over the years.

Lumber used in construction worldwide impacts on the environment, the increasing use of trees in construction contributes to pollution on Earth, we need to use less trees and plant more trees to have rain and cleaner air!

We manufacture as per order of minimum of 150 pieces, you need to pay shipping and handling, we are pioneers, so we are not super powerful entity, we are entrepreneurs like many of you who work hard and want to leave a better world

We give you discount if you pay with #SHIB, you can resell your #hybridstuds, we believe in free market, we work hard to get best manufacturing price, if you are a distributor or retailer you get same price from us.

Revolutionizing the Building Industry

Recycling debris, saving money, and improving construction worldwide, of course #SHIB is accepted here as payment

Customer Testimonials

The Hybridstud has transformed our construction process. It's a game changer!
Using Hybridstud has not only saved us money but also helped us reduce waste.

What Our Customers Say


Higher fire resistance
person melting iron
person melting iron
Cost-effective Building Solution
Eco-friendly Construction Material

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